Welcome to LoupGarou Terriers and Not 1040 Farm! :)

Welcome to Loup Garou (mostly) Toy Fox Terriers!

Loup Garou Toy Fox Terriers is a small kennel located here in the Deep South. Currently, mostof our dogs are housed inside, with us. Despite the name, LoupGarou Toy Fox Terriers is also home to an English shepherd and an outdoors "livestock guardian" mixed breed dog, who watch over the goats. We are also making our start in Teddy Roosevelt Terriers--welcome Pip and Diva! Please follow the links and pass a good time!

Our dogs are suited for show and various kinds of "work." LoupGarou TFTs have been employed as emotional support and service dogs and have proven to be excellent mousers and ratters in farm situations. We prefer to sell to breeders or to those who would use them to perform a task, rather than for pets (although they are good lapdogs, too!). If you are interested in purchasing a LoupGarou dog, please keep in mind that we *do not ship* our dogs and do not engage in Internet sales.

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